A green future

Sustainability Van der Valk Gorinchem

At Van der Valk Hotel Gorinchem, we take pride in being the most sustainable hotel within the Van der Valk International group, and we are excited to share our sustainability initiatives with you

Sustainability at Van der Valk

Green Options

We offer our guests the opportunity to make 'green' choices during their stay. For instance, we encourage guests staying for more than one night to skip interim room cleaning and participate in our 'Hotel for Trees' program. Additionally, in Restaurant LoeV and Restaurant Bar Stein, we serve delightful vegetarian dishes that contribute to a greener world.

Sustainability at Van der Valk

Food Waste Conversion

We tackle food waste by converting leftovers into valuable biogas through our advanced BioTransformer technology. This initiative not only reduces waste but also supports a more eco-friendly and sustainable hotel operation. Discover how we make greener choices for a better planet!

Sustainability at Van der Valk

Room Cleaning Skip

At Van der Valk Gorinchem, we give our guests the option to skip interim room cleaning, which leads to significant water and energy savings. This allows our guests to actively participate in our eco-friendly policy and make conscious choices for a green stay.

Sustainability at Van der Valk

Cold and Heat Storage

We utilize cold and heat storage (KWO), where heat is stored in the ground during summer to be used for heating the hotel in winter, and vice versa. This innovative approach helps us maintain a more energy-efficient climate in our hotel throughout the year.

Sustainability at Van der Valk

Electric Charging Stations

We are committed to eco-friendly transportation. In our hotel, we provide facilities for electric vehicles, including charging stations for electric cars. This way, we promote sustainable travel and contribute to cleaner and greener mobility.

Sustainability at Van der Valk

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

We use combined heat and power (CHP), where heat and electricity are produced simultaneously using a single fuel source. This can be a fossil fuel (such as oil or natural gas) or a renewable fuel (such as biogas or biomass).

Sustainability at Van der Valk

Sustainable Suppliers:

We collaborate with local suppliers to minimize our ecological footprint. We serve various beers from a brewery in nearby Almkerk, wines from Dordrecht, and cheeses from Gorinchem. Additionally, we partner with the sustainable and organic tea brand Peeze, which reinvests its profits in improving living conditions at the source. We also work with Earth Water, who supplies FSC-certified cardboard bottles for our hotel rooms.

Sustainability at Van der Valk

Hotels For Trees

We offer our guests the opportunity to make 'green' choices by encouraging those staying for more than one night to skip interim room cleaning. When guests opt for this, we, in collaboration with Hotels For Trees, plant a tree in the Netherlands and worldwide. You can see how many trees we've planted by clicking the button.

Sustainability at Van der Valk

Green Key

Green Key is the international sustainability certification for businesses in the leisure and corporate sectors, focusing on environmental and nature-related criteria. Currently, our hotel is still under construction, and we do not yet possess this certification. However, upon completion of the building, we aim to achieve the Green Key certification (GOLD).

The world around us continues to evolve, and we are always eager to adapt. If you have any ideas on how we can make our hotel even more environmentally friendly, please feel free to share them by emailing us at info@gorinchem.valk.com.