A green future

Duurzaamheid Van der Valk Gorinchem


Van der Valk Hotel Gorinchem is proud to be Van der Valk International's most sustainable hotel. We would like to explain how we achieved this.

Our sustainable initiatives
- Completely gas free hotel
- Heat pumps and solar panels on the roof
- Combined heat and power
- Cold and heat storage
- BioTransformer (food waste converted into biogas)
- Less use of paper
- Less plastic packaging
- Menus made from sustainable materials

Green options
We offer our guests the option to choose "green" as well. For example, we encourage guests who stay longer than one night to skip intermediate room cleaning to save water and energy.

Hotels for trees
We offer our guests the opportunity to choose 'green' as well. To illustrate, we encourage guests who stay longer than one night to skip intermediate room cleaning. When skipping this cleaning, we plant a tree in the Netherlands and worldwide in cooperation with Hotels For Trees.

Green Key
Green Key is the international hallmark for sustainable businesses in the leisure and recreation industry and for the business market. The quality mark sets requirements for the environment and nature. At the moment our hotel is still under construction and we do not yet have this quality mark, but when the building is completed we will go for the Green Key quality mark (GOLD).

Green hotel
You can recognize our sustainable choices by the logo below.

Your ideas
The world around us keeps changing, so we like to keep moving with it. Do you have ideas how we can make our hotel even greener? Feel free to let us know via email to info@gorinchem.valk.com.

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