Sustainable suppliers

Van der Valk Hotel Gorinchem collaborates with sustainable and local suppliers to enhance our eco-friendly efforts. We offer Bier van de Magistraat, a local brewery that produces craft beers with a passion for quality and sustainability. Additionally, we serve cheese from Kaasboerderij and fresh breads and pastries from Bakkerij Van der Grijn. Specially for Van der Valk, Mathijn from Slijterij ’t Kleine Uiltje, a local liquor store, and Robertino from Sardinia Products have created a unique Van der Valk Limoncello named Toekancello. Our tea is sourced from Peeze. Our sustainable choices also include eco-friendly meat from MRIJ-rund and fruit juices from De Appelaere. Moreover, we use sustainable materials and cleaning products to reduce our ecological footprint.

These partnerships help us integrate sustainability into all our activities.