Group events at Van der Valk Gorinchem

Whether it's a company outing, team building, family reunion, friends gathering, or bachelor party, at Van der Valk Hotel Gorinchem, we ensure that every group outing becomes an unforgettable experience. We facilitate various activities where fun, relaxation, and adventure come together, both inside and outside the hotel. With our extensive facilities, hospitable service, and breathtaking surroundings, we create the perfect ambiance for your outing and/or day trip.

A customized group events

At Van der Valk Hotel Gorinchem, we know you want your group outing or day trip to be something special. That's why we ensure that every aspect of your outing is meticulously taken care of. Be inspired, surprised, and enchanted during your personalized group outing or day trip. We are ready to exceed your expectations and create memories that will last a lifetime. Together with our experienced team, you will create a custom program that will inspire every participant. Check out the options below, choose your favorite activity, lunch, drink, or dinner, and let us know your wishes. Our Meetings and Events team will take care of everything and relieve you of any concerns. For every occasion, our team of experts will create a suitable program.

At the hotel

Cocktail Workshop

Mix and shake at Van der Valk Gorinchem! Work with fresh ingredients and create the tastiest cocktails in just one and a half hours under the guidance of our bartender. Learn the right ratios, techniques, and the art of shaking. Enjoy your handmade cocktails with a delicious snack and take home a fun goodie!

At the hotel

VR Experience

Dive into the world of Virtual Reality at Van der Valk Gorinchem with our VR Experience! Fun for all ages guaranteed! Watch live projections of other participants. The experience kicks off with a warm welcome from a VR host, including a tasty drink and sweet treat. After a brief explanation of the headsets and controllers, you're ready to start your adventure!

At the hotel


Join the 2-hour pub quiz at Van der Valk Gorinchem! Test your knowledge on films, music, sports, history, and more with hilarious sound, video, and movie clips. Enjoy delicious drinks and warm snacks with our drink package while you rack your brains. The perfect blend of fun and teamwork. We challenge you! Who will take home the trophy?

At the hotel

Movie Specials

Experience a fantastic evening at Van der Valk Gorinchem and Vue Cinema! Enjoy an extensive dinner with friends or family and end the night with your favorite movie. The perfect arrangement for a fun and relaxing outing. Be surprised by our delicious dishes and then enjoy a top film in the comfortable seats of Vue Cinema. An evening filled with culinary and cinematic highlights!

Exclusively at Van der Valk Gorinch

Happy Rally navigation rally

Exclusively at Van der Valk Gorinchem, join the Happy Rally navigation rally! Perfect for family, friends, or companies. Teamwork is key! Receive a beautiful route book from us, map out the route, and enjoy the scenery, charming villages, and houses. Drive the route in your own car or a classic vehicle. The team that follows the route most accurately wins!

In Gorinchem

A15 Games

Just a 5-minute walk from Van der Valk Gorinchem, you'll find the A15 Games leisure center. Enjoy exciting activities like bowling, go-karting, and laser tag. You can choose to enjoy one of these activities or combine them all for a day full of action and fun. Create your own package, and we’ll tailor it to your needs. Perfect for family outings, friends' nights, or corporate events. Experience ultimate fun at A15 Games!

Discover how fun and challenging it can be to get to know your colleagues in a sporty way! In this 1-hour bootcamp in the nearby Linge Bos, you’ll see your team really sweat! Each participant can join at their own level. Before the bootcamp, we welcome you at the hotel for a good lunch and an introduction to the bootcamp by our host.

In Gorinchem

GPS Tour

Enjoy a group outing in nature! With the GPS Tour, participants explore the best and most beautiful spots in the fortified town of Gorinchem. The GPS system doesn’t navigate but indicates direction and distance. It’s a perfect team outing to find the right routes together and complete fun tasks. Which team will score the most points along the way and take home the victory?

In the area


Discover Gorinchem from the water! Enjoy a delightful boat trip on the beautiful De Linge River with an electric sloop. Swim, sail, and relax in nature. Starting point is Arkel, with ample parking for cars and bikes. Cruise past charming villages and historic buildings, feel the peace and freedom. The perfect way to experience Gorinchem and its surroundings!

Want to relax actively? Go supping on the Linge. Rent a sup board with friends or family and make it a beautiful, relaxing day. Stand on the board and use the paddle to propel yourself. Enjoy the lush surroundings of the Linge and the Lingelandschap nature reserve. Spot beautiful birds like kingfishers and waterfowl, and maybe even deer. A perfect blend of being active and relaxing in nature!