Laundry service at Van der Valk Gorinchem

At Van der Valk Hotel Gorinchem, we aim to make your stay comfortable with our convenient laundry service, available upon request during weekdays. Simply scan the QR code in your room, fill out the form, place your laundry in the provided laundry bag, and leave it outside your room door by 9 AM. We will ensure that your items are cleaned and fresh within 48 hours, ready for pickup at the reception.

While we do not offer on-site dry cleaning services, our reception team is ready to assist you and can provide referrals to a reputable external dry cleaning service if necessary. For added convenience or any inquiries, please feel free to contact the reception. We are here to assist you!

Terms and Conditions

If we deem any clothing items unsuitable for washing with a washer-dryer combination, we reserve the right to return the respective item to you unwashed. Prices include VAT. Van der Valk Hotel Gorinchem does not accept liability for lost or damaged clothing items. The use of this service is at your own risk.