Celebrate Spring at Van der Valk Hotel Gorinchem

Spring Break in Gorinchem

he first rays of sunshine are breaking through, heralding a beautiful spring in the Gorinchem area. It's the perfect time to head out for a delightful bike ride or walk. Discover our specially curated packages, designed to make your spring break unforgettable. Whether you're looking for relaxation, adventure, or just want to enjoy the budding nature, we have something for everyone. Be amazed by the beauty of Gorinchem and its surroundings and make your spring unforgettable with a stay with us.

Celebrate a Cheerful Spring at Van der Valk Hotel Gorinchem! Take advantage of our package including an overnight stay, a luxurious breakfast buffet, and a delightful 3-course choice dinner. From March to May, wake up in our comfortable rooms to the sound of birds chirping. Explore the surroundings, sail on the Linge or the Waal, and enjoy our facilities.

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Embrace the sunny weather and venture out with our Cheerful Spring arrangement at Van der Valk Hotel Gorinchem! Stay in our comfortable rooms and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Our package includes an overnight stay, a delightful luxury breakfast buffet, and an inviting 3-course choice dinner. Discover the natural beauty of Gorinchem

Get on your bike and explore Gorinchem with our Bike and Dine package. Enjoy a culinary journey across five unique restaurants set in the picturesque surroundings of the Linge and the Old Dutch Waterline. Experience a blend of leisurely cycling, culinary delight, and comfortable stays at the Van der Valk Hotel Gorinchem.

Venture out to explore the charming streets, historical landmarks, and lush nature of Gorinchem. After a day full of adventure and discoveries, relax on our terrace with a refreshing drink and delicious snacks. Let the spring of Gorinchem tantalize your senses and enjoy every moment at the Van der Valk Hotel Gorinchem.

Get out there!


Feel like a stroll? Go walking around Van der Valk Hotel Gorinchem and explore the Waterline walk, getting lost in the history of this fortified city. Did you know, for instance, that there were once 17 mills on the ramparts of this historic fortification city?

Get out there!


Cycling is a real pleasure with a planned excursion in the area of Van der Valk Hotel Gorinchem! Get (together) lost and discover that cycling will be anything but boring in this beautiful environment.